The Kollege Klub
Where Kollegians Kongregate

In 1953, entrepreneur Jack Meier and his sons, John and Jim Meier, opened The Kollege Klub on the iconic State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. Previously occupied by the Campus Soda Grill, The Kollege Klub’s first location was at 714 State Street, where UW’s Memorial Library stands today. Having gone nearly unaltered for 40 years, Jordan oversaw a much-needed renovation of the Kollege Klub in the summer of 2011. While this face-lift ensures that the Kollege Klub is poised for continued success in the future, the KK’s atmosphere continues to honor its tradition and legacy of the past 60 years. Open Tuesday-Friday 8am. Saturday 11am Saturday (UW Game Day) 8am. Sundays at 9pm.


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529 N Lake St, Madison, Wisconsin 53703
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